What’s Up Chuck?

Meg and I are gearing up for a new episode of Chuck tonight! 

Don’t know what Chuck is about click HERE!

Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton return tonight in Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff!

What do we love about Chuck? 

Well besides the obvious… The entire cast is brilliant!

 It’s also a show the whole family can watch!

Truth be told Meg and I are HUGE Zachary Levi fans!  *swoon*

Well… maybe me more so than Meg! *grin*

Meg’s more of a Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) fan!

After all she is kick ass!


Wanna know more?  Well then, you’ll just have to watch it wont you! 

Monday night…

You know where Meg and I will be…

 Camped out infront of the tube, in our Nerd shirts, watching Chuck!

Viva la Nerdolution!


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