Even One Seizure Is To Many!

 Here at Gone Bananas we’re spending the month of November talking about it!

Talking about what you say?

Talking about Epilepsy!

 November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

 Our Meg lives with epilepsy and after about three years of no seizure episodes she all of a sudden started having them again this summer.  So in the last couple of months we’ve taken some trips to All Children’s Hospital where she’s had a few EEG’s and an MRI to try to get to the bottom of why they’ve suddenly resurfaced.

It’s been tough couple of months for Meg because she’s now at an age where she’s knows and trying to understand it all is difficult, but she’s amazing and perseveres through everything with a smile and a positive attitude.  I LOVE that about her!

So every November and March we talk about it! 

 We talk about it because we don’t ever want Meghan to be afraid to talk about it!

We talk about it, because we’ve learned there are still so many myths associated with Epilepsy!

Did you know some people still believe Epilepsy is the work of evil spirits? 

 Crazy right?  I know!

 But unless we talk about it they will never know any different.

Here are some great facts written by:  Kenneth Lowenberg

(Resource: www.epilepsy.com and www.Talkaboutit.org)

FACT: If someone is having a seizure, NEVER put anything in their mouth!

No one can swallow their tongue, that is a very persistent myth we have to end. Trying to put something in someone’s mouth while they have a seizure could significantly hurt the person. It could damage their jaw or teeth. And it is simply NEVER the thing to do. 

 FACT: If someone is having a seizure, NEVER hold them down or restrain them in any way! 

 When someone has a convulsive seizure, their legs and arms will move in a jerking fashion. This is the muscle response to the excessive electrical discharge happening in their brain. As long as the person is not in any danger, like near an object that can hurt them, it is important to let the seizure take its course — usually just a minute or two. Restraining the person may hurt them. Just make sure they are safe, and stay with them until the seizure ends. 

 FACT: Epilepsy is NOT Contagious. 

There is no way anyone can ‘catch’ epilepsy. Not possible. Ever. 

FACT: Epilepsy should NOT be a barrier to happiness and success. 

 While epilepsy varies in treatment and severity on an individual basis, one should always do their best to keep a positive outlook and strive to live the best life you can. As Greg Grunberg says, “We all have something.” And that’s true. We each face our own challenges every day. And it is up to our personal strength and our community of support in family and friends to help us through whatever we face. 

 Another reason we talk about it is because Epilepsy needs to be put on the map in the same way Autism and Cancer have, so it can receive funding for research and we can find a cure!

FACT: There are 3 million people in the United States and 50 million people around the world who have Epilepsy.

FACT:  One third is the number of people with epilepsy who live with uncontrollable seizures because there is no available treatment that works for them.

FACT:  6 out of 10 is the number of people with epilepsy where the cause is unknown.

FACT: Their are 50,000 deaths related to and 200,000 new cases of epilepsy each year.

One seizure is too many, let alone one life lost to epilepsy!

It’s time to start talking about it!





4 thoughts on “Even One Seizure Is To Many!

  1. My dad learned the hard way about putting something in my mouth. He had never seen me have a seizure until about my 5th one. He freaked out because I was throwing up. He stuck his finger in my mouth and I bit down on it. I bit so hard he couldn’t get it back out and I hurt him. Now he knows to just roll me on my side.


    1. Yeah I’ve only ever put my fingers in Meg’s mouth once while she was having a seizure! It was because she was eating and had food in her mouth and I didn’t want her to choke! Good your dad knows what to do now! :0)


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