A New Look For A Good Cause!

Meggers had been growing her hair for a little over two years and the other day she decided she wanted to cut and donate 10 inches of it to Locks Of Love!  I didn’t realize I’d become a little attached to her long hair, side pony tails and braids until I was asking her not to cut it.  Meg looked at me and said but it will help a kid with cancer who doesn’t have any!  Now I don’t think she fully understands what cancer is, but how can I argue with that?  So I went ahead and made an appointment at the Sweet and Sassy Salon for her.

So… First we tried to take some pictures of her beautiful long hair!


Meggers was a little nervous when we first got to the salon!

But once she was called for her turn in the chair she was ready!

First the stylist combed her hair back!

Then she neatly gathered it into a pony tail and measured out 10 inches, which is the minimum requirement for hair donation to Locks of Love!

After a quick braid it was time for the cut!

Ta daa!!!

 Then her stylist went to work on creating a Sweet and Sassy new look for Meg!

The stylist really did a great job and it was funny because throughout most of the hair cut Meg had absolutely no expression so we weren’t sure if she liked her new short hair.

  Finally she started smiling and I felt an immense amount of pride in what she had done!

Next the stylist let her pick a flower to accent her beautiful new cut!

So freakin’ cute!

Everybody loved it and most importantly Meggers loved it!

Her stylist finished it up with lots of glitter and she added some cute purple glitter stars to her face!

Her new cut made her feel like such a big girl and for the rest of the night she was beaming from ear to ear!

We took her braid home and let it dry naturally, then we filled out the donation form (which you can find on the locks of love website), packaged it up and mailed it to:

Locks Of Love 234 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405

For more information on how you can donate to Locks Of Love  please visit their website by clicking HERE!


6 thoughts on “A New Look For A Good Cause!

  1. Meg rocks. Really, what more can I say? That is such an awesome thing for a little girl to do!

    My Mum is recovering from cancer and is wearing a wig while her hair grows back. She is devastated that her blonde locks are growing back absolutely colourless and would sooner wear the wig than let her current hair show. She knows it’s “baby hair” but I can understand why she feels the way she does about what the cancer treatment has done to it.

    Please tell Meggers from me that she is exceedingly awesome and that she ought to be at least twice as proud of her achievement as she looks 🙂


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