Where did you hear that? DADDY!!!

My hubby and his brother are known for going back and forth, quoting lines from different movies/TV Shows…  History of the World, Star Wars, Family Guy, Monty Python, Euro Trip, Trainspotting, and Snatch are just a few of their choices to quote from.

THEY often mimic Mickey in the movie Snatch, if your not familiar Brad Pitt plays Mickey, a ‘pikey’ ( slang for an Irish Gypsy) boxer who’s brogue is hilariously hard to understand.  Well this past week one of their frequently used quotes got him in trouble as they were overheard by little ears.

I was trying to get Meghan ready for her bath, she was coloring away and taking her sweet time to come to the bathroom when out of her mouth came… well.. here’s how the conversation went…

Mommy “Meg it’s time for bath”

Meg  “Ok mommy”

Mommy “I’m going to run your bath”

Meg “Ok mommy”

Mommy “Meg… ”

Meg  “What?”

Mommy “Come on time to get undressed and get in the bath”

Meg “just one more minute, I finish this.. color.. I colouring”

A few minutes pass

Mommy “MEG… Come on bath time”

Stomping feet, a groaning sigh and here’s the clincher

Meg “Hmmmmmph what You F@cker?”

GASP! Jaw drops to floor and after making her repeat it several times realize she is saying what I think she’s saying.

Mommy “Where did you hear that?”

By this time Meg realized that it wasn’t a word she should use and is scratching the back of her head nervously.

Meg “I don’t know”

Mommy “Well you must of heard it somewhere, think again where did you hear that?”

Meg “Daddy”

Then it dawned on me daddy and brother always answer the phone quoting lines from Snatch like “Wot you fat focker?” completely oblivious that little ears are listening.  We had to sit down (trying not to smile or laugh) and tell her that words like that were not pretty on her lips or ours, they were bad words.   We’ve decided if she hears us say bad words we have to give her a quarter so… she should be quite rich in a few years…lol just kidding!

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