One More Game Left…

OMG my legs are killing me, I wasn’t able to practice or play soccer for two weeks and tonight my body is making me pay for it.  I know I’ve learned a lot this season and am looking forward to playing again, especially since they’re talking about starting next season earlier in the year when it’s cooler.    We’ve been playing in 90 degree weather during prime sun and I tell you it’s brutal.  Our last game is Sunday and I think we can win, we tied this team last time we played them so wish me luck because we’re playing in 90 degree weather again.  GO SILVER BULLETS!!!

Tonight we worked on passing, shooting, trapping the ball, and a bit of scrimmage.  I’m not a small girl so my shins are killin’ me from carrying around my big arse.  However, I did do the whole hour and a half of practice with minimal breaks so definitely proud of myself.  Had a few palpitations and a bit of anxiety after but didn’t die, also good…lol  

Possibly going to Ft. Lauderdale after the game on Sunday as hubby has some work down there, thought it would be a nice vacation, now if I could just convince my anxiety the same I’d be in mint condition.

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