Visit From The Tooth Fairy

Meggers put her tooth under her pillow with so much enthusiasm .  “Mommy I sleep with you?” she asked.  She was a little nervous about the thought of a fairy coming in the night to look under her pillow while she was asleep, so I assured her that I’d be right next to her and she’d be fine. 

 The next morning Meg-a-moo woke up, her eyes lit up when she saw the tooth fairy had left lots of pixie dust on the bed (care of Martha Stuart) and a dollar with the following letter… 


It was a fine grade of glitter so when she opened her letter the sparkles hung in the air like shimmery pixie dust.  Her eyes were the size of saucers and had that little excited twinkle.  I think I’ve read the letter to her about a dozen or more times since she found it.

When she called Grandma & Grandpa they told her the Tooth Fairy had left a gift under her pillow at their house too.  So we took a trip over and sure enough the Tooth Fairy had left her, wrapped in a gossamer drawstring pouch, a matching necklace, bracelet, and ring with another dollar.   It was such a fun day for her and I had so much fun watching her show the cute gap between her teeth and tell her story about the Tooth Fairy.




4 thoughts on “Visit From The Tooth Fairy

  1. As the author of a new picture book about a very big-attitude tooth fairy with high-tech gadgets, I’ve heard from a number of parents that their kids are terrified of the tooth fairy coming into their room while they’re sleeping. I never thought of that concern (although I was deathly afraid of mall Santa’s as a child!). But I’m so glad the tooth fairy in my book is so darn cute. Children love the illustrations. 😉

    And one of the questions I get from school kids when I do school visits is: “Is the tooth fairy real?”

    One little girl went so far as to say, “Is the tooth fairy real? Please, please tell me pretty please with a cherry on top!”

    Calling her up to stand with me in front of 300 kids ranging from Kindergarten to fourth grade, I looked at her and said, “Yes, the tooth fairy is real. But like all fairies, she simply disappears when YOU stop believing in her.”

    So may your angel believe in her as long as possible! 😉

    Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt
    Author, You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?
    12,000 copies sold!


  2. Just the sweetest thing that the tooth fairy came to your house and brought her magic. She’s sure enchanted me with that story. How lovely!!


  3. 19th – I’ll put in a good word for you if I see her ;o)

    Sbrh – Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ll have to check out your book. I saw the WWII one and would love to get a copy of that looks like lots of fun. I’m going to keep meggers believing as long as I can.

    WildCandyTuft – took me a while to figure out you were coffee Thanks so much for stopping by.


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