Hail To The Manly Bloggy Bling!

So Good Father and Capt’n Dumbass over at Us and Them, although very in touch with their feminine sides, have teamed up and decided to add some Testosterone to the Blogasphere with these new manly awards.   Both Daddy Bloggers are very funny individually, but get them together and you’re sure to be left in stitches (make sure that you check ’em out).

I was honored to recieve the “This Blog Measures Up” award from Good Father!  Here it is…


Very Manly don’t you think?  Makes you wanna scratch your junk (well if you had some) and watch some ESPN Sports whilst kickin’ back with a beer.  However, I thought it needed a little touch up so I hope you don’t mind Good Father but I made a couple changes tell me what you think…


No!?  Hmmm a little to pink maybe?  Okay I hear ya, how about this then?  After all tis the season right?


Still No.. Okay you win I’ll display it proudly in it’s original form, but I had to try. ~Grin~  As with all bling there are some conditions and they are as follows…

1.  Say one nice thing to a man in your life. 

 Hmmm paces infront of hubby while he’s working at his computer… 

“Honey you’re the best thing that ever happened to me”. 

Hubby:  W-w-what?  Who are you and what the hell have you done with my wife.

(hey I tried)

Now I have to list six ways that I measure success in my life.  Crap I don’t know…

1.  Staying married for eight years and not killing each other still loving each other.

2.  Whenever Meggers laughs, learns something new, uses her manners, or is respectful.

3.  By knowing that I have family and friends that love and support my decisions.

4.  By being able to laugh at myself and learn from my mistakes.

5.  Being accepting of things I can’t control and not letting it get to me.

6.  By having people like you come back time and time again because you enjoy what I write or are interested in my life.  Thanks!  I truely enjoy your company even if it is virtual..lol

Right! Now to tag six lucky buggers with Good Father and Capt’n Dumbasses awards…

1.  19th Mayflower

2.  4 Green and Speckled Frogs

3.  Boondock Ramblings

4.  If I could Escape

5. Three Weddings

6.  The Panic Room

If I missed you I apologize, feel free to tag yourself I’m a wee bit tired and can’t be arsed to look and see who’s already been tagged.  Don’t forget to link back to me.  Cheers!

I kind of pirated the award from Capt’n Dumbass over at Us and Them, he said I could or at least his post did ~grin~.  So here it is below…


 All our daddy bloggers ask… if the award is bestowed upon you or you wanna use it make sure you show Good Father and Capt’n Dumbass some linky love.  Go on you know your blogs need a little testosterone.  Enjoy!



12 thoughts on “Hail To The Manly Bloggy Bling!

  1. HAHAHAHAH!!! Awesome! I love the ‘touched up’ versions, they’re both great. Although, the Captain’s flag could use a little color too. Just sayin’.

    And I love your list – #2 made me smile.


  2. 19thMayFlower ~ Yep you got both of these manly awards from me. Enjoy!

    GoodFather ~ I though you might get a chuckle out of ‘touched up’ versions. ~grin~
    As for CDA’s flag, Hmmm yes I could see hints of lavender and maybe a boa around the skull..lol
    Thanks for the award it was fun and thought provoking.


  3. Thanks for the cool bling! I’ll try to get it posted on Friday – right now I’m up to my eyeballs in solstice (yule, saturnalia, teng chieh, diwali, las posadas, and all the other lights of winter celebrations).


  4. I’ll have to get this award up soon. I have another one to do too so I’ll have to make it a list of awards for everyone! thanks so much and I love the new redesign!


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