Her first Karate test!!!

Sprite’s Keeper’s spin cycle wants us to write a “What if..” post.  Here goes….

So what if a little girl practiced really hard and then stood in front of parents and peers for her first Karate test?  Would she pass?

You’ll have to click and see what happened

I bit my lip so hard trying not to cry, but I think I might have let one tear slip. :O) 

Meghan is now a Little Ninja Yellow White belt! Congratulations Meggers!!!

14 thoughts on “Her first Karate test!!!

  1. Sprite ~ Thanks! I made it on time this week. ;O)

    Sam ~ I have so thought about that, but the fact that she’ll be able to kick her first boyfriends @ss makes me totally okay with that..lol


  2. Awsome Meggers – Way to go!

    It’s ok Krist – you’re allowed to cry – there can never be to many happy tears in the world :0)


  3. Very cool, I think I might have been crying too! I love that she’s in karate… I hope my daughter follows a similar path since I don’t do princess.


  4. awww!!!! I remember those tests – but her school actually tests them, Princess’s tests were more like group tests, not too much of the individual stuff.

    She is doing so awesome and I know that you are more than proud. Go ahead, let the tears fall, I used to sound worse than the babies.

    Thank God she doesn’t do Karate anymore though, now I have an aspiring chef!!!


  5. DM ~ Thanks!

    Frogsmom ~ Thanks! I agree. :O)

    19th Mayflower ~ lol thanks!

    Half as good ~ Meggers doesn’t really get into the whole princess thing either. Although she does like Tink.

    Krystal ~ I’m super proud that she was able to stand up there on her own infront of peers and lots of family members! She did part of her routine backwards, but still managed to get a passing grade. She was sooo proud too. Funny you mentioned Chef because Meggers has said she wanted to be a Chef even had a Chef party a while back.


  6. Waaay to go Meggers! You’ve also made the bloggy world proud!

    What a little scrapper! (I know, I know…too many old movies, sorry 🙂


  7. Congratulations Meggers! How exciting. And mom, I cry ALL.THE.TIME at that kind of stuff. My entire family makes fun of me for it, but I don’t care.


  8. Oh Lord…that was so cute! And what a great sport to get her involved in…what’s the age limit for that? Guess i’m too old for a Little Ninja belt 😦


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