Wordless Wednesday ~ Rock On Meggers!

Meg was channeling her inner Jason Mraz or maybe John Mayer.






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35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Rock On Meggers!

  1. Awesome photos! She’s gonna be a rock star! Like Pink! 🙂

    *so glad you have the new form. I was tired of having my name pop up as Hubby’s (at home where he is signed in) or Small Town Girl because I forgot to change my screen name!


  2. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I thinks she looked like a little hippie chick too. I had no idea Paul McCartney was left handed..lol I love Jewel & Pink and wish I’d thought of them when I did the blog. As for Meggers and Sprite starting a band, Meg said she can join her Apple Band. 🙂 The blue guitar and the blue shirt are a WM Couture special (AKA WalMart..lol)!
    Johnny’s Mommy I didn’t realize you could change the settings on comments..lol Glad I made it a bit easier! 😉


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