Wordless(ish) Wednesday & Spin ~ More Vacation Pics!

When we had our Mini Vacation to Sea World we stayed at the Regal Sun Resort.  They have a fabulous pool…

Regal Pool Fun

and we enjoyed spending time beside the pool as a family.

Yep Kaz the footy shot is for you..lol


Meg decided she wanted to get a hair wrap!  We didn’t realize that it was a brand new stand and she was the first customer.  The dude hooked her up as Jay the General Manager, Gina and Jill the Fun Director looked on.

Cute wrap

The beads came out super cute and Meg picked a cute Dolphin charm.

cute wrap beads

Once we washed and dried her hair she was a very hippy chick.

cute wrap meg

The next morning we got up early for the Character breakfast.  Meg was a little nervous but she finally conquered her fear of characters.  Thanks Pluto!  You were awesome!

Meg and Pluto

Goofy was really cool too!  He and Meg danced and just got goofy! 

Meg n Pluto

Goofy was quite impressed with how tall we were and insisted that his assistant take a picture of all of us. Oh yeah I rocked out with my hot dog neck baby!

Pluto n fam

All in all it was just a fab vacation. Oooh and I just realized my Wordless also qualifies as this weeks Spin Cycle. Cool!

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17 thoughts on “Wordless(ish) Wednesday & Spin ~ More Vacation Pics!

  1. Now that was totally totally awesome!!! We need a mini-vacay too but that prolly won’t be till XMas – we are hoping to do the Disney XMas at least once.


  2. Meg is super cool with her hair wrap! I’m going to remember the name of that place, we might take Graham to Disney for his 3rd bday in December and he LOVES Goofy (doofy).


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