Fall Festival Fun and Fish?

So my best friend came down this past weekend so that we could take our girls to the annual Fall Festival near my house and they were so excited! 


Asking every five minutes if it was time to go yet?  Can we go yet?  What time is it?  Is it time to leave?  Mommy when are we going?  You get the jist…


After much badgering, we arrived at the fair and ran into my mum, sister, and her boys at the ticket window. Everyone decided to head over to the food tent together for some good eats and entertainment. 

We found some seats and hubby made a b-line for the bratwursts and saurkraut.  Seriously, I think he mowed over a few children getting there, nobody comes between hubby and his food!  In his defense he’s gotten a little better at sharing, but we still have to work on him not showing his teeth and snarling. Baby steps!  We went to a fair once and he said he was gonna go get some funnel cake and I was like cool!  You know he ate the entire thing before coming back because he didn’t want to share, but I digress…

 So we finished our food and made our way over to the bumper cars… 


Daddy took the wheel and tried his best to steer clear of the enemy cars, while making sneaky bump attacks, as Meg giggled away at his side telling him LEFT…. RIGHT!!!


Then after a few victorious pile ups it was on to the Carousel or as I like to call it the FLAMING Carousel and you’ll see why (here’s where my photography gets really bad) …


Yeah this was my best shot of the carousel!  I’m not kidding!  No matter how I tried I couldn’t get a shot that was still, every shot I took looked like the carousel had burst into flames.  Lucky for me my bestie was there and was able to snap this cute shot…


We ran into lots of friends and as the night went on the fair became more and more crowded.  My bestie and her daughter decided to brave the rickety, oversized, ferris wheel at the same time my hubby told me that he was gonna go get… can you guess?  FUNNEL CAKE!  So, I say we’ll wait for you at the bottom of the Ferris Wheel, make sure you save some for Meg and I!  He left mumbling something under his breath I’m sure I probably didn’t want to hear. 😉

I kid you not, fourty five minutes later and hubby still hadn’t returned from his funnel cake run!  I called his cell, he didn’t answer. I scanned the crowd, can’t find him.  So we headed back to the food tent only to find him in line at the ticket window?!  He’d  run into a friend and been chit chatting while standing in line for funnel cake. However, when he reached the counter to order he didn’t have enough tickets, so he had to go to the ticket window line only to then have to go back into funnel cake line.   Confused yet?  Tell me about it!  I still think he ate one funnel cake while chatting and then got in line for another only to realize he didn’t have enough tickets for the one he was planning to bring back to Meg and I *grin*.

My nephew and mum during all this chaos won two goldfish and gave them to Meg.  She was so excited and named them Carly and Sam right away.  I had a conversation with Meg about the life expectancy of carny fish and promised her if they were belly up in the morning we’d go to the pet shop and pick out another fish.  The fish made it through the night and we successfully transferred them to a tank we’d kept from our last attemp at fish.


  So meet Carly and Sam our recent family additions…


Sam is the white and orange fish and Carly is the plain orange one hiding behind Sam.  Meg loves them and has actually been taking really good care of them.  Hopefully they survive longer than our last fish!

17 thoughts on “Fall Festival Fun and Fish?

  1. How cool is that! 2 new pets! I remember when we were little my dad spent a long time one night at a carnival winning us all a goldfish. The next day he went to the store and saw that they were like 10 cents each or something 🙂 SO funny!


    1. LOL yeah Dawn the pic really shows my lack of photography skills aye! My hubby and food are always good for a giggle too Thanks for commenting!


    1. Alison- it’s basically donut dough that they pipe into hot fat and then sprinkle with powdered sugar. Google it! It’s super yummy!!!


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