I Too Have a Dream!

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity!”
~Martin Luther King Jr.~

  Yesterday my sister-in-law Denise from Run DMT and I spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day talking to our girls about their dreams for the world and the future.  First we had them watch MLK’s I Have A Dream speech and discussed why it was so important back then and why it is still important today.

We asked them what they’d like to see change in the world and what they thought would make the world a better place?  Then Denise found a fun way for them each to put their answers together in their own cute project.

Much like Martin Luther King Jr. we all have dreams! 

Some of our dreams are easily attainable while others may not be achieved in our lifetime.

My dream is that one day America will wake up and see how selfish it’s become and how it’s morals have been tainted by greed. 

How can we cut healthcare benefits and/or deny people the opportunity to get better based on insurance or income?  How do you make a drug to fix something and then not make it affordable for those who need it?  Or make a drug free in one country and not in another? I just don’t get it!  How can some people walk through life with blinders on and the attitude… if it’s not happening to me I shouldn’t have to deal with it?  Have we really become that callous and cold?

Wouldn’t it be better to say I care and I do because I hope someone would do the same for me or my children?  Investing in our nations health and education should be a priority and it should never be up for debate or become a bargaining chip because it is my belief a nation is only as strong as its people!  It’s time to stop the rhetoric, to come together and do the right thing!


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