My Mums Birthday…

My mums birthday was last week and it was a lovely day!  My brother, Jamie popped by for a wee visit and mum got a few calls from family and friends wishing her well.   Meggers and I happened to be staying with her as daddy was out of town so we spent the day cleaning and doing laundry for her.  

Mum decided she didn’t want to go out for dinner so my sister, her clan, myself, and meggers had a lovely dinner in with her.  Chicken, Risotto, Veggies, Bread, Cheese sauce and ohhh some of her home made chips (french fries).  I had to ward off the vultures to set aside a few of the chips for meggers, everyone (including myself) was eating them as fast as they came out of the kitchen. lol 

Prior to dinner Meggers and Camy Bear made a cool hat out of plants and stuff they found in Grans garden, it actually came out really cute (yep that’s a picture of me with no make up on sporting the designer digs below, Kate Moss has nothing on  We ended the night with a cup of tea and a bit of left over chocolate cake mum had made a day or two earlier. 

Below are a few pics from the day, the puppy is her beloved Bella or as I like to call her the “Holy Terror”, she chews everything, super spoiled.  The kitty is Nubby Cat, a cat my mum rescued after some sick bastard, cut off it’s front and part of it’s back legs.  An amazing cat, that gets around, much like a Kangaroo and is quite feisty.  I think we should of called her Ali, like the boxer, because when warding off bella or mums other cat Marmalade, she looks like she’s boxing.

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