Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots With The Fur…..

I was so excited hubby actually helped me with a post instead of gettin’ all snarky.  He can be quite witty when he wants to be. 

Have you heard the song “Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole clubs looking at her…..”  by T-Pain?   Well if not you need to check it out or you’re totally not gonna get this post.  

I was getting Meggers dressed for Karate and told her to go get her Crocs.  She ran off to get her fur lined crocs.  I got a huge grin on my face looked at Hubby and sang…

“Apple bottom jeans, Crocs with the fur..”

Daddy with his quick wit thought for a sec and then said

“White cotton gee, crocs with the fur..” and the rest is… well.. you decide, here goes to the tune of T-Pain’s Apple Bottom Jeans….

White Cotton Gee


Crocs with the fur


The whole dojo’s looking at her.  She said KIAI!


And hit my eye


Now it’s all O-o-o-o-o-o ver!

Hey it’s a post isn’t it.


5 thoughts on “Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots With The Fur…..

  1. That is hilarious!
    I’m ashamed to admit my boys love to sing that song. I suppose I should edit the radio songs a bit better. 😉


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