Wordless Wednesday ~ Reflections

Meg loves to get her face painted and whenever we go to an amusement park it’s the first thing she wants to do.  She’s also loves mirrors, especially admiring herself in them, put the two together and voila!!!  We have a Wordless Wednesday post!!


Seriously! She’s just to dang cute!!


Here she is the very first time we got her face painted.  I scored free tickets to the taping of the Disney Christmas parade, she was so little!


I remember this next one because I kept trying to get her to pick something girly, but she insisted on the tiger and it ended up looking really cute!


Then there was this one, which I loved because she was missing a front tooth.


I was a little miffed with the next one, only because we’d hired a photographer for her 6th birthday and I was hoping to get some really nice shots in before the face painter did this… 


However, she did manage to catch this next shot so all was forgiven.


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19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Reflections

  1. I love those photos! How funny you wanted her to get something girlie…I would have wanted the same thing, but you’re right it turned out very cute.


  2. Apologies if this appears twice!


    I also love the picture w/the missing tooth. Meg is a beauty and the paint design on her face is awesome. Face painting really is an art.

    My daughter Lily lost her first tooth today! Like you, I think my daughter looks rather cute too.

    I totally understand about the birthday picture. I would have also been irritated because you can’t recreate the moment or the day. Putting the dress on and having her sit for pictures another day just wouldn’t have worked. I’m glad the photographer was on his/her toes and was snapping away.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!


  3. With and without the facepaint, she’s adorable! (And don’t feel bad, both of my bigger girls would go with animals, especially tigers, before they’d do the girly-look.) 🙂


  4. i love that you have all these different face painting pics…how fun! she is definitely adorable :P) glad to hear she enjoyed VBS this year too!! thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week. happy ww!!!!


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